New Orleans Voter Guide
Election Information for Metro New Orleans
Democracy as political theater: a mock-vote in Mynamar, 2010 (AFP)

Political theater: a mock-vote in Mynamar, 2010 (AFP)

A wise person I’m too lazy to google once said, “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” I personally don’t think voting does any good, but it’s better than some hobbies out there, and we do live in a region with unusually interesting local politics.

So, this is a collection of left-leaning or in many cases non-party or anti-party Voting Guides for metro New Orleans. The site is partly inspired by (although claims no endorsement from) the “League of Pissed-Off Voters” guides circulated in print through the mid-2000s.

My most recent voter’s guide, a symptom of my unhealthy obsession with local politics, is here and includes a capsule discussion of each recommendation.

If you have a voter’s guide that isn’t bullshit and would like it on this site, please contact

You can examine sample ballots at the Secretary of State’s site, as well as get general “where to vote” type info.